The Continuum team has always loved the gorgeous cinematics made by our wonderful community with Continuum Shaders. This love is what drives us to try to provide the best possible tools for content creators to hone and level up their works, but only so much improvement can be done with just our shaders;

Enter Shutter, By Studio Archetype.

What is Shutter?

Shutter is a brand new, feature packed cinematography mod for Fabric. It takes inspiration for the best features from older mods like CMDCam, Minema and Replaymod to make a modern, real time, point and click camera mode to rapidly create stunning cinematography with your current Minecraft setup. Shutter’s intuitive design allows you to spend up to 90% less time reaching a final product to show off to your friends and community! Shutter is currently only available for all versions of 1.16 Fabric, with 1.17 support following Focal Engines release. A Forge variant will release in the future as well.

Integration into Continuum Products

One of the most powerful features of Shutter is it’s tight integration with Continuums Focal Engine, coming updates will allow real time interpolation of shader settings during recording, allowing you to achieve real film techniques like rack focus. Continuum shaders will be the first to be compatible with this featureset, and Focal Engine will have official documentation for easily updating your shaders to also be compatible.

Who is Studio Archetype?

Studio Archetype is a tightknit group of veterans in the build and development communities of Minecraft, together under various names since indev, they strive to provide amazing narrative experiences using modern technology. You can check out their Discord community to ask questions, get hyped, and see updates on our partnership from their side! You also can go buy shutter right now from their website at You can read more about our partnership on their blog post here.

We expect to tighten our relationship with them over the coming months and will release regular updates on what this means for our communities, so stay tuned!