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Continuum 2.1

Continuum 2.1 is the natural evolution of Continuum 2.0. It comes with a further refined and optimized code-base, with which we are able to push effects not seen in most ‘AAA’ titles, with better performance than ever before. Continuum 2.1 is designed to suit the needs of cinematic creators, builders, and general Minecraft players alike, while still offering many advanced tools and features you’d only find in modern rendering engines. Continuum 2.1 is currently only available via our Continuum Early Access package, which you can find in the store, however, once it exits Early Access it will see a full free release, much like 2.0 did. Read on for more info…


Continuum 2.1 is designed in two stages; the lighting stage, and the toning stage. In the lighting stage we do our best to assure proper energy by rendering with real measured values. Coming with a physically based Sky, Material System, Ambient Light, Reflections, and Volumetrics (Clouds, Air and Water); Continuum can make any Minecraft build look like it was exported from offline renderers, but in real time*.

*Performance will vary depending on your hardware configuration. Continuum is optimized, but some of the effects being used are quite expensive regardless. 

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Continuum 2.1 comes equipped with a physically based camera system. This means that we are simulating a raw camera inside the game. Using common values such as Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, and Exposure, the user can line up the perfect screenshot, just like you would with a camera, but in Minecraft!

Continuum 2.1 will offer a highly intuitive and configurable color grading system. Everything down to the tonemap will be configurable, with options to adjust the toe, slope, and shoulder of the tonemap, the user can truly make the shader their own. Other settings will include White Balance, Contrast, Vibrance, Saturation, Gain, and many more, making adjustments is easy and convenient. However, if that isn’t enough for your needs, we will allow you to upload a custom LUT into the shader just to make sure we offer anything a cinematographer would need. 

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Continuum Early Access

What is Continuum Early Access?

Continuum Early Access is a one time purchase that grants access to the currently in development shader, Continuum 2.1, at each of the following stages of development:


Alpha Builds are the latest builds of the shader. These will give you access to what the devs are working on as they are working on it. They may be a bit more buggy than other builds at times.


Beta Builds are released when we have reached a significant milestone where the shader is in mostly working order, and is considered by the developers to be ‘feature complete’.

Current Status


Release Candidates are nearly complete versions of the shader, generally far more stable than any of the others. These builds are nearly fully featured and are just lacking that last bit of polish.

Continuum Early Access will grant you access to Continuum 2.1 and potential future versions of the mainline, non-RT Continuum Shader while they are still in active development. This allows you to play with the absolute latest stuff we are working on as we are working on it.

It also supports the projects continued development, and us, which we appreciate very much.

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Previous Releases

Continuum 2.0

Much like Continuum 2.1 is the natural evolution of Continuum 2.0, 2.0 is the natural evolution of 1.3. It boasts a completely new codebase, marking the first time a Continuum shader was not based on SEUS code. It was a landmark release for Continuum Graphics, and while it has it's issues, will always be special to us.

Continuum 1.3

Continuum 1.3 was the pinnacle of what the Continuum team could do within the bounds of old SEUS O3 shader code, and despite it being fairly outdated by modern Minecraft shader standards, is still a favorite of many of our fans to this day. It will live on in spirit and overall feel, but be brought into the modern age with the release of Continuum Legacy.

You can find downloads for our previous/free releases of Continuum on our downloads page:

Continuum Downloads