Continuum RT

Continuum RT sets a new standard for Minecraft Shaders, utilizing Ray Tracing we are able to deliver a level of quality that just a couple of years ago would be unimaginable. Being one of the first fully Ray Traced Minecraft shaderpacks we are bringing a lot of new features to the table while still supporting all the things you loved about 2.1.

PBR Voxel Ray-Tracing

Not limited to screen space, with perfect caustics through water and glass, and a fully integrated lighting system

Spatio-Temporal Denoising

We are using the latest in denoising algorithms, and AI’s (Soon) to tune both the spatial and temporal filters. Using variance detection we are able to keep reflections crisp while still having a smooth final image.

New Iterative Cloud Model

Our new temporally integrated cloud lighting system allows us to remove many of the approximations previously used in clouds. Now we can simulate in and out scattering properly through every pixel of the clouds, giving unparalleled detail and realism.

Fully Featured Camera

This shader comes equipped with the same physically based camera system as 2.1, this means that we are simulating a raw camera inside the game. Using common values such as Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, and Exposure, the user can line up the perfect screenshot, just like you would with a camera.

Familiar Toning Settings

Continuum RT will offer a highly intuitive and configurable color grading system, much like Continuum 2.1 and 2.0 before it. Everything down to the tonemap is configurable, with options to adjust the toe, slope, and shoulder of the tonemap, the user can truly make the shader their own. Other settings include White Balance, Contrast, Vibrance, Saturation, Gain, and many more, making adjustments is easy and convenient. However, if that isn’t enough for your needs, we allow the user to upload a custom LUT into the shader just to make sure we offer anything a cinematographer would need.

Want to get your hands on Continuum RT or support what we do? Consider a Continuum RT subscription!

Continuum RT Early Access

What is Continuum RT Early Access?

Continuum Early Access is a monthly subscription that grants access to current builds of Continuum RT and supports both its continued development, but also Focal Engine’s development. 


Alpha Builds are the latest builds of the shader. These will give you access to what the devs are working on as they are working on it. They may be a bit more buggy than other builds at times.

Current Status is Early Alpha


Beta Builds are released when we have reached a significant milestone where the shader is in mostly working order, and is considered by the developers to be ‘feature complete’.


Release Candidates are nearly complete versions of the shader, generally far more stable than any of the others. These builds are nearly fully featured and are just lacking that last bit of polish.

Your subscription will support us and help us continue to develop new products, which we very much appreciate!

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