Continuum Shaders


By far our largest project.

Continuum is our first public minecraft shader. This shader, primarily for cinematics, is designed for perfection with no compromises. This of course means it is our most performance heavy shader.

Continuum is a modification of Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders, he was graceful enough to allow us to release this shader publicly, go check him out. Sonic Ether's Facebook.


Continuum 2.0 alpha is now available

Continuum 2.0 has been in development for months and is now available! Featuring an all new design and feature set we are very excited to see where this project will go. Existing Pulchra 2048x users have been emailed with an invite to the repository. For new customers alpha access can be purchased by buying the Tier 3 package of Pulchra or by going to the Continuum 2.0 Alpha page. Continuum 2.0 Alpha includes Pulchra 2048x as well for an added bonus.


Ebin Shaders


Configuration meets performance

The perfect shader for play, highly optimized and stunning looks making it our go to shader for all purposes. It's extreme configuration potential makes it perfect for lining up that perfect screen shot in game, coming with a full api to hook into the sun, allowing you to control exactly where it is and even animate it. This shader is currently a work in progress however builds are available on gitlab (a github replacement).

Ebin is a shader built from the ground up to scream performance and new features are added very frequently so follow the progress on out blog under the ebin section.