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Continuum Shaders

Highly customizable Minecraft shader with support for many high end graphical effects usually only seen in the latest AAA titles. 


Nova Renderer

Complete Rewrite of Minecraft's Renderer in C++ and Vulkan, with support for more advanced graphical effects than ever before.

Continuum is our first public Minecraft shader. This shader, primarily for cinematics and high end machines, it's designed to perfection with no compromises. This of course means it is a performance heavy shader.

Continuum 1.3 is a modification of Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders, he was graceful enough to allow us to release this shader publicly, go check him out. Sonic Ether's Facebook.

Continuum 2.0 Early Access is a complete rewrite of Continuum 1.3, it's goal is to clean up the organically grown code-base of 1.3 and catch up with all the latest PBR technologies including a Physically Based Camera, Volumetric Fog, Volumetric Clouds, and many, many more. To top off all of these new features, we have beefed up the user options substantially, allowing for a level of configurability never before seen. Continuum 2.0 is meticulously micro-optimized to make sure you get as many frames per second as possible. Continuum 2.0 also will support Windows, Mac, and Linux; along with Intel, Nvidia, and AMD graphics cards. (*Some features may be missing on certain platforms. Some platforms may not be working at the time of download, if this is the case please submit an issue and we can work to fixing it on your hardware.)

You can get access to these builds by following the early access link below.

Nova Renderer rendering Minecraft in Vulkan. Very basic and very buggy right now, but progress is being made weekly. 

The Nova Renderer is a modern rendering engine using the Vulkan API that replaces Minecraft's renderer. It's designed from the ground up to support shaders, rather than hacking them into Minecraft as the Shaders Mod does. Nova accomplished this by putting the renderer into a C++ shared library, which is loaded into Minecraft by a thin Java shim similar to LWJGL. 

Nova will be able to load all legacy Optifine shaderpacks, and will allow shaders built from the ground up for Nova to make use of advanced features, such as tessellation, deferred lighting for more complex lighting effects, and much, much more.