We hope everyone had a good February. Here’s what we got up to:

Continuum 2.1

While almost 100% of our focus has been shifted to the in progress Vulkan update for Focal Engine, we still pushed out a small update for Continuum 2.1 Beta that fixes the missing block outlines on Minecraft 1.17 and newer. We will continue fixing issues like this as they pop up and as we can, until we can devote more time to 2.1 again and push into the settings refactor and onto the eventual full release.

Focal Engine

We have continued to make good progress on the upcoming Focal Engine update, but things are certainly moving more slowly than we would like. As noted in the previous section, we are now devoting nearly 100% of shader dev time to Focal, and this will continue at least until the Vulkan version is ready. All of our future projects and aspirations for those projects rely heavily on this update, so that is our rationale for this choice. We hope you understand.

We have no specifics, nor any updates from our lead dev dotModded to share this month, but rest assured, we are hard at work and hope to have more to share soon.

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Continuum RT

Due to the reasons above, RT did not receive an update this month. We do have a few quality of life fixes in the pipeline for it however, and some will likely be pushed out during March, so keep an eye out for that.


Stratum made good progress again, adding 5 new textures, including two more highly anticipated Deepslate blocks, one of which was pushed ahead in the queue due to user feedback on our Discord server. Be sure to join if you want to provide your own feedback, interact with the devs, watch development a bit more closely, or just hangout!

Stratum Build 34 Changelog


  • Dropper
  • Polished Deepslate
  • Reinforced Deepslate
  • Glow Lichen
  • Redstone Dust


  • None

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Thanks for joining us for another progress update, here’s to many more!