We hope everyone had a reasonably spooky October 🎃

Continuum 2.1

We released Build 14 of Continuum 2.1 this month, bringing with it a host of fixes, including fixes for many problems Continuum Early Access users reported to us! So thank you for your support and bug reports. Keep them coming!

Fixes/changes include;

  • Improved AMD GPU support (be sure to use driver 22.6.1 or older)
  • Improved Specular handling for textures, especially underground
  • Improved Rainy Weather falloff for Fog/Cloud cover
  • Fixed Lens Flare not working on MC 1.17
  • Fixed disocclusion events with GI & AO
  • Reworked Nether/End visuals for better playability, and added settings for user configuration (settings limited to Nether for now)
  • Added basic under-lava fog
  • Added options to control the puddle fade-in and fade-out times
  • Reimplemented basic motion blur setting and added strength slider
  • Added more values to the Morning Fog Altitude slider
  • Added some Star options for the Skybox
  • Added more options for Planar Clouds, including coverage and a local coverage toggle

We already have more changes in the pipeline for Build 15, likely arriving this month, so stay tuned for that! Until then, enjoy these screenshots of some of the changes in Build 14.

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Focal Engine and Continuum RT

Focal Engine received an update to go along with Continuum 2.1 Build 14. This update is required to download Build 14 as well, so be sure to update. This update addressed some minor issues, chief of which being the elimination of most possible artifacts that could arise when the game windows was resized, as well as the crashes that this could sometimes lead to.

Dot got his Vulkan development environment updated and cleaned up early this month, and has stepped on the gas, so to speak, on development of Focal’s Vulkan update. We hope to have more substantial news to share on this front soon. We are also still working on updates to 1.19.2 and potentially 1.18 for current Focal, but updating the Vulkan dev environment took precedence this month.

As for Continuum RT, we have not yet had time to really dig into a potential Build 16, but that may change soon. Stay tuned.

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Stratum got a few major blocks this month; Boats, and Beds! We also tweaked the Minecart, moving the rust to a dirty/coal like look, to better match the vanilla aesthetic, and polished up the tops of the rails, to more closely replicate what a used railroad/cart track would look like.

Next month we plan to look into getting Mangrove Wood in, Signs, and potentially the Mangrove variants of our current wood based blocks.

Stratum Build 31 Changelog


  • All Beds
  • All Boats, barring Mangrove


  • Tweaked Minecart look to better match vanilla design cues
  • Polished the tops of Rails

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We’re super happy to finally be delivering more consistent Continuum Early Access updates again, and we are also excited to start sharing news on Focal’s Vulkan update as soon as possible.

Thanks for sticking with us and making all of this possible!