Staying the course.

Focal Engine, Continuum 2.1 Build 13 and Continuum 2.0.5

Again, some good news, and some bad.

Getting the bad out of the way first, obviously Build 13 of 2.1 isn’t here. That said, it is closer than ever. We think we have the AMD issues sorted out, and are now just left with an annoying flickering bug that popped up along the way. Hopefully we can squash that and start getting things in place to actually release this thing.

Dot did take a bit of a break from working on the AMD fix to clear his head, and managed to squeeze a bit of extra performance out of Focal / Build 13 this month as well, so this time hasn’t been totally fruitless. We may share some more concrete details on just how much more performance in the coming weeks.

Last but not least, we pushed a small hotfix to Continuum 2.0.5 earlier this month that corrects a bug with the underground shadow fix we added with this version. To anyone that downloaded 2.0.5 on the week of it’s release, we high recommend you redownload it to get the hotfix.

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On the Stratum side, we’ve worked through even more of the ores and related textures this month, and even took a crack at the composter. We also updated the main pack and the performance leaves addon to load on 1.19 – 1.19.2 without error, for those of you using the latest versions of the game.

As usual, you can find the full details about all of these changes, and some screenshots below.

Stratum Build 28 Changelog


  • Composter V1
  • Calcite
  • Raw Copper
  • Raw Iron


  • Improved Andesite heightmap (improved POM for this block)
  • Updated 1.13+ and Performance Leaves pack versions to 9 for MC 1.19 support

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Again, thank you all for your patience and support. We hope to see you again next month.