Key Features


The Stratum Resource Pack is fully compatible with PBR (Physically Based Rendering). This means that when paired with shaderpacks like Continuum 2.0, light will interact with the textures provided by Stratum the same way it would in the real world.


Stratum also supports POM (Parallax Occlusion Mapping). POM is a graphical effect that simulates 3D details in textures by utilizing depth information stored in their height map. This greatly enhances the overall look of the textures and the overall realism. POM creates details such as the raised stones in the cobblestone blocks surface, to the gaps between boards in the wooden plank textures and more. Check out these screenshots for examples of POM in action.

normal and specular maps

Stratum also includes high quality normal and specular maps. In combination with shaders Stratum uses it’s normal maps to give more small details to bumps or indents in it’s textures.

The specular maps are used to define the amount of reflectivity different textures have. This feature is what gives some textures the ability to reflect a lot of light, and others a duller look with very little reflectivity. The screenshot of the bricks being illuminated by the magma to the right is a good example of what specular maps can do, as is the shot of the stone brick texture shining subtley in the sun.

Stratum Demo

Who doesn’t like demos? We know we do, so we provide a 128x128 demo version of Stratum for free to anyone that wants to try the pack.

Stratum Early Access

What is Stratum Early Access?

If you purchase Stratum Early Access, you will not only help fund it’s development, but you will also get Early Access to the pack as it is developed. Updates will be released to Early Access holders frequently. If you like being one of the first to try new things or just want to support us, Stratum Early Access might be for you.

Much like Continuum Early Access, Stratum Early Access is offered in Tiers. Each Tier from 1 to 3 has different resolutions of Stratum included. They are as follows.

  • Tier 1 256x256

  • Tier 2 512x512

  • Tier 3 1024x1024 & 2048x2048

    *All Tiers include all previous Tiers contents.

Stratum Tier 1

256x Version of the Stratum Resourcepack

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Stratum Tier 2

256x and 512x versions of the Stratum Resourcepack

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Stratum Tier 3

256x, 512x, 1024x & 2048x versions of the Stratum Resourcepack

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