Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions. Currently WIP. Last updated - July 15th, 2019


How do I install Continuum / Stratum?

Please refer to our tutorials here.

I ordered and did not receive my product?

There can be many reasons for this, but the most common are as follows: Failure to read the Confirmation Email and not knowing what emails to lookout for. Emails landing in spam/junk mail folders. Incorrect email supplied at checkout. If you think it might be the last one, or you simply cannot figure it out despite reading this, please contact support.

Continuum shaders

The shader displays nothing but a black screen and/or throws errors in the chat

Continuum Shaders currently do not support Intel HD Graphics, this is usually the most common cause of this issue. If you have Intel HD Graphics there isn’t much you can do to solve this. In certain cases though, on laptops with Intel CPU’s and Nvidia GPU’s, Minecraft will be run on Intel HD Graphics instead of the Nvidia GPU by default, and you will get this issue, to fix it, follow this tutorial.

THE STRATUM resource pack

How do I download Stratum from the GitLab?

Sign in, then head to your dashboard. Select the resolution of Stratum you want to download, then find the download button shown in the image below, click the .zip button, and download the file. Once done, unzip it and use it like any other resourcepack.

Stratum Download Button.png

Stratum isn’t showing up in my resourcepack menu?

MC does not recognize GitLab zip files. To rectify this you will need to unzip Stratum with a program like 7zip or the default windows extraction option. Once you do, make sure the pack is not stuck under two of the same folders. When you open the Stratum-Master folder you should see and assets folder, as well as a pack.mcmeta file and a at least. If you see another folder with the same name as the one you just clicked, then it will not function & you will need to copy the folder out for MC to recognize the file. Also, be sure to back out of the resourcepack folder and enter it again after making changes, as it does not update in real time.

Is Stratum compatible with MC 1.12.2, 1.13, 1.14, etc.?

Yes, but it isn’t a one download fits all kind of thing. The default download on the GitLab is for MC 1.13 and up, for MC 1.12.2 and below there is an alternate version, simply called 1.12.2. You can access it via the branch selection dropdown on GitLab. It is available for every resolution of Stratum. Refer to the picture below for a visual reference of the branch button:

Stratum Branch Button.png

Why are there textures missing?

As stated on the homepage and Stratum Info pages, Stratum is a Early Access resourcepack, and as such is still in development. So it is normal for some textures to be missing. However, you might have more textures missing than is normal if you do not have the correct version of Stratum for your current MC version.