Continuum Beta Access


Continuum Beta Access


Continuum 2.0 Beta (Closed)

Continuum 2.0 Beta builds provide a better and more stable experience overall, with all present features nearly complete. While you may not get updates on the fly, you will have a better idea of the future direction of Continuum and where future updates will be headed as well.

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Continuum Shaders 2.0

Continuum 2.0 is the natural evolution of Continuum 1.3. With a refined and optimized code-base, we are able to push effects not even seen in "Triple A" titles. Continuum 2.0 is designed with Cinematic Makers, Builders, and General play in mind while still offering many advanced tools seen in modern rendering engines.

Physically Based Ligting

Continuum 2.0 is designed in 2 stages, the lighting stage, and the toning stage. In the lighting stage we do our best to assure proper energy by rendering with real measured values. Coming with a physically based Sky, Material System, Ambient Light, Reflections, and Volumetrics (Clouds, Air, and Water); Continuum can make any build look like it was exported from offline renderers in real time.


* Performance may vary depending on hardware. While Continuum is optimized, the effects used can be quite expensive.


Familiar Toning Settings

Continuum 2.0 comes equipped with a physically based camera system, this means that we are simulating a raw camera inside the game. Using common values such as Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, and Exposure, the user can line up the perfect screenshot, just like you would with a camera.

Continuum 2.0 currently offers a highly intuitive and configurable color grading system. Everything down to the tonemap is configurable, with options to adjust the toe, slope, and shoulder of the tonemap, the user can truly make the shader their own. Other settings include White Balance, Contrast, Vibrance, Saturation, Gain, and many more, making adjustments is easy and convenient. However, if that isn't enough for your needs, we allow the user to upload a custom L.U.T into the shader just to make sure we offer anything a cinematographer would need.

Beta Access

This package provides you with Beta level access to Continuum Shader 2.0. These Beta builds provide you with a better and more stable experience overall versus Alpha builds, with all included features nearly complete. It's not on the bleeding edge as far as new features/updates go, like you would get with Tier 3 and Alpha access, but it is still updated fairly regularly.

If you would rather forgo the latest updates and not have to deal with the extra bugs that Alpha usual entails, Beta access might be for you.