Continuum 2.0 Early Access


After many months of development, The early access (EA) builds of Continuum 2.0 are now available for Minecraft Java: Tier 2 and Minecraft Java: Tier 3 buyers and newcomers looking for the new Continuum. The current goal of Continuum 2.0 is to look as natural as possible while keeping a beautiful, playable product. In the alpha stage, features are slim and the price is steep because our team is now working full-time on both Continuum and other various projects. Because of this, we need to be able to support ourselves while being able to deliver the highest quality Minecraft shaders possible.

Continuum 2.0 will include many brand new, never before seen features. Including but not limited to, a fully PBR back-end. All lighting is meticulously coded to look perfect in combination with the physically based camera that ties everything together. The EA builds are going to be an enjoyable time for us as we have been researching several rendering and optical methods for nearly two years to prepare for this release. During this period, the team will continue to further develop new features such as Physically based lens flare, motion blur, bloom, and eye adaptation as well as a myriad of other effects. Supporting the new PBR texture standard (blog post with more information coming soon!), All lighting elements in Minecraft will look like it was taken from the real world. With the inclusion of Pulchra 2048 with Alpha access and 512x with Beta you also get access to the PBR module, adding full PBR support and gorgeous fully scanned textures.

Disclaimer: Continuum 2.0 is in alpha and is not complete. Expect frequent updates that have the possibility be in a broken state. Continuum 2.0 also does not support Macs at all; the shader will not run. Linux is hit and miss and is not officially supported, however, it could work.

Continuum 2.0 Alpha

Continuum 2.0 Alpha builds are live updates to Continuum, you get all the features as we are working on them, you have the exact same access as the rest of the development team. While this can mean certain things are broken, you are always on the edge and have the latest features.

Continuum 2.0 Beta

Continuum 2.0 Beta Builds are "weekly" updates (not guaranteed) that are more stable than alpha. Each beta release focus's on one large effect and general bug fixes. The large effects can range from Clouds, GI, Water, and even things like image processing. This is in our opinion the best balance of performance, stability, and new features of any of our other tiers.