Pulchra Revisited Update v6.4.17

v6.4.17 Update Log

  • Added cactus bottom, side and top
  • Added command block textures (POM is going to be fixed)
  • Added clay
  • Added daylight detector
  • Added dead bush textures with three variants
  • Added end brick
  • Replaced end stone
  • Added fern
  • Replaced hardened clay
  • Added hay block side and top
  • Added packed ice
  • Added jukebox (WIP)
  • Added acacia, big/dark oak, birch, jungle, oak and spruce log tops
  • Added mob spawner
  • Replaced brick
  • Added nether brick (WIP)
  • Replaced netherrack
  • Added noteblock
  • Replaced all planks
  • Replaced all red sandstone and added carved red sandstone variants
  • Replaced all sandstone and added carved sandstone variants
  • Added slime
  • Added soul sand (WIP)
  • Created new module that adds Better Foliage mod support.
  • Added cat tales to Better Foliage module
  • Replaced font
  • Tweaked POM levels
  • Added "No Glass Texture" module which removes the glass textures

Pulchra Revisited Update v5.16.17

v5.16.17 Update Log

  • Removed "Glass Fix" module
  • Added built in "Glass Fix" to "Blocks" module
  • Added more biome specific textures for sand
  • Added a biome specific texture for coarse dirt
  • Replaced cobblestone texture
  • Added mossy cobblestone texture
  • Replaced farmland textures (wet/dry)
  • Replaced glowstone texture
  • Replaced gravel texture
  • Replaced iron block texture
  • Replaced acacia log texture
  • Replaced big/dark oak texture
  • Replaced and added all stonebrick textures except for carved
  • Added red sandstone placeholder textures
  • Added sandstone placeholder texture
  • Added ice
  • Added lapis storage block
  • Added netherrack
  • Added magma
  • Added sand to "Blocks" module since it was missing
  • Tweaked POM levels
  • Added snow and biome specific texture
  • Added bedrock
  • Fixed biome specific textures replacing incorrect blocks
  • Fixed "Font" module

Pulchra Revisited Update v5.12.17

v5.12.17 Update Log:

  • Updated module icons (Optifine module icons are a WIP)

  • Improved performance on the resourcepack selection screen

  • Updated pack.mcmeta files to give more information for certain modules

  • Removed version number from pack.mcmeta files

  • Fixed download issues (all modules will be in zip format)

  • POM adjustments

  • Added all plank textures

  • Renamed MCPatcher module to be Optifine