Pulchra Revisited Update v6.4.17

v6.4.17 Update Log

  • Added cactus bottom, side and top
  • Added command block textures (POM is going to be fixed)
  • Added clay
  • Added daylight detector
  • Added dead bush textures with three variants
  • Added end brick
  • Replaced end stone
  • Added fern
  • Replaced hardened clay
  • Added hay block side and top
  • Added packed ice
  • Added jukebox (WIP)
  • Added acacia, big/dark oak, birch, jungle, oak and spruce log tops
  • Added mob spawner
  • Replaced brick
  • Added nether brick (WIP)
  • Replaced netherrack
  • Added noteblock
  • Replaced all planks
  • Replaced all red sandstone and added carved red sandstone variants
  • Replaced all sandstone and added carved sandstone variants
  • Added slime
  • Added soul sand (WIP)
  • Created new module that adds Better Foliage mod support.
  • Added cat tales to Better Foliage module
  • Replaced font
  • Tweaked POM levels
  • Added "No Glass Texture" module which removes the glass textures

Pulchra Revisited Update v5.16.17

v5.16.17 Update Log

  • Removed "Glass Fix" module
  • Added built in "Glass Fix" to "Blocks" module
  • Added more biome specific textures for sand
  • Added a biome specific texture for coarse dirt
  • Replaced cobblestone texture
  • Added mossy cobblestone texture
  • Replaced farmland textures (wet/dry)
  • Replaced glowstone texture
  • Replaced gravel texture
  • Replaced iron block texture
  • Replaced acacia log texture
  • Replaced big/dark oak texture
  • Replaced and added all stonebrick textures except for carved
  • Added red sandstone placeholder textures
  • Added sandstone placeholder texture
  • Added ice
  • Added lapis storage block
  • Added netherrack
  • Added magma
  • Added sand to "Blocks" module since it was missing
  • Tweaked POM levels
  • Added snow and biome specific texture
  • Added bedrock
  • Fixed biome specific textures replacing incorrect blocks
  • Fixed "Font" module

Pulchra Revisited Update v5.12.17

v5.12.17 Update Log:

  • Updated module icons (Optifine module icons are a WIP)

  • Improved performance on the resourcepack selection screen

  • Updated pack.mcmeta files to give more information for certain modules

  • Removed version number from pack.mcmeta files

  • Fixed download issues (all modules will be in zip format)

  • POM adjustments

  • Added all plank textures

  • Renamed MCPatcher module to be Optifine

New Website, What Are We Up To?

We have a new website, welcome to it.

If any of the download links don't work, or you notice anything else unusual about the website, smash the "Contact" button in the upper right.

We started work on a Continuum Cleanup recently. It's in its early stages, but already showing a reasonable performance boost over Continuum 1.3 (144 FPS up from 132 FPS). Continuum 1.3 is a monster, past coding practices of its beginner developers have accumulated into over 13,000 lines of incoherent and unoptimized code. I am confident we can reach at least a 50% performance boost in the end, and hopefully we can fix most of the bugs once the code is structured.

Ebin is on hiatus currently, I just haven't felt like working on it. Joey has been investigating GLSL extensions and thinks it might be possible to backport Ebin to GLSL version 120. Basically, Intel compatibility might be on the way in Ebin.


- BruceKnowsHow