What we've been up to...

It’s been quite busy behind the scenes here at Continuum Graphics these past few months. Between the holidays, Server upgrades, PC upgrades, PC troubles, new staff, slowdowns from staff leaving, and work on 2.1 and Stratum, we have been quite busy. But rest assured, we are still here, and still working.

Lets run down what we have been up to these last few months, in a bit more detail.

The Holidays

The holidays were obviously a busy time for many of us, between family, other obligations and just people enjoying some time off, not a lot got done through December and early January. We did however have a fairly long holiday sale that a few of you might have taken advantage of.

PC upgrades (and issues)

Me, and our main texture artist upgraded our PC’s around the holidays. Him, so he could get more RAM and a faster CPU to make his texture work much easier, and me just because my CPU was getting a bit slow for my personal needs. Sadly, we both had some fairly annoying issues for months. Mine were more minor than his and my system was still usable during this time, but his was out of commission for about a month. So very little texture work was done between the Holidays and the first month or so of the year, mostly due to this issues. He eventually got a replacement CPU and his problems were fully sorted.

The GitLab…

As some of you no doubt know, our GitLab had started having some serious issues sending invites and allowing people to download files towards the end of last year, and behind the scenes we were running out of RAM, disk space and overall server resources for our GitLab instance. So to kill two birds with one stone, we went ahead and wiped the GitLab, upgraded our server, and rebuilt the GitLab, this time with better organization as well. This solved our invitation issues for the most part, and gave us breathing room for many, many more members (that’s you guys!), to be added to the GitLab, as well as some cool new projects in the future. This took us a few weeks though, as we had to learn how to do a lot of it ourselves. These are the kinds of things Dethraid used to handle for us, but we managed it in the end.

Stratum Development

Development did not halt completely throughout these last few months, though most of you already know that…that said it was slowed significantly. We did still manage to add a fair few textures, fix a few oopsies, and managed to add a 1.12.2 version of each resolution of Stratum, not just the 2K one. Something many of you have been asking for since we made the switch to 1.13. It can be accessed by clicking the drop-down menu on the download pages that says ‘master’, and selecting 1.12.2, then proceeding with the download as usual. These 1.12.2 branches are not currently automated, like the 1.13 ‘master’ branch is. So it will sometimes be a bit behind the master branch in terms of how up to date it is, at least until we get automation figured out for it. If, and when we do, we will update you all in a future blog.

With Hox’s PC now back up and running, and with more RAM and a faster CPU, updates should come more regularly. Also, once we get Myth, the new texture developer we brought onto the team last November, fully integrated and up to speed, things should really start to pick up.

As for new textures added/tweaked recently, here is a full list and some screenshots;

  • Added New Cobblestone

  • Added New Mossy Cobblestone

  • Added Birch Wood

  • Added New Brick

  • Added Oak & Spruce Leaf Model Variants

  • Added Netherrack

  • Added Ice

  • Added a temporary Snowy Grass Block

  • Tweaked the tinting of Oak Leaves

  • Tweaked Spruce Leaf vibrance and specular brightness

  • Fixed some name issues with concrete textures

  • Various fixes for Wheat textures

  • Various fixes for specular textures

  • Various naming and misc fixes

These additions and changes can all be viewed on the GitLab as well.

Here are some beauty shots of many of these new and improved textures at the full 2048x resolution. They are taken with Continuum 2.0.2, as usual. Click them to see them in fullscreen.

Continuum 2.1

Continuum 2.1 development has continued, albeit slowly, for the reasons we went over earlier. That said, we did manage to squeeze a bit more performance out of the base, getting within 12.5% of our performance target. We are almost where we want to be performance wise. Hopefully we can squeeze that last little bit out of it soon.

Continuum Legacy

Great news for those that love 1.3, but want a more updated, polished experience…work on Legacy has started! It’s still very early, and has only been in development for a little over a week, but it is coming. Hopefully we will have some more to share about it in the coming weeks.

Continuum RT

We have not given up on Continuum RT, but getting 2.1 to Alpha testers is the current priority of our shader developers at this time. And with work on Legacy also starting, there just isn’t time for RT right now. Work on RT will likely have to wait till after 2.1 hits Alpha, at the very least.

Going forward…

Development is mostly back to normal now and you can expect regular blogs and social media updates from us going forward, barring anymore unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you all for your continued support, we couldn’t do this without you!