Continuum Graphics September 2019 Progress Update

September was a fairly quiet month. We had a few notable Stratum and 2.1 updates, but most of the work was behind the scenes, and continues to be.

Let’s dig in shall we?

Continuum 2.1

2.1 had a few bug fixes and tweaks this month, as well as the initial implementation of ACES tonemapping. We think the initial implementation looks pretty good, but we will leave some screenshots below for you to judge for yourself ;)

A bit before this our friend Hodilton on YouTube created a neat little cinematic video with Continuum 2.1 Alpha and Stratum. We enjoyed this video quite a bit and wanted to share it with those of you who haven’t yet seen it. Check it out:

2.1 is coming along nicely, but there is still a good bit of work to be done. Work on some of the bigger features is still underway in the background and we will continue to improve 2.1 as we move it towards being feature complete, and thus, Beta.

One of the features that we plan to star working on this week is the Nether. We can’t say when an initial implementation will make it in, but hopefully it will be rather soon.

We can neither confirm or deny that we were inspired to start playing with the Nether because of the upcoming Nether update 😉


Work on RT has continued, but we are currently held up by a few major roadblocks, both in actual development of the shader itself, and in the refactoring of our store and backend systems that we need to finish before its eventual launch and sale. The devs are working to power through these and get it out to you all at least in an Alpha state as soon as we can. Unfortunately, this is all we have to share at this time.


Legacy is still taking a backseat to 2.1 due to it being very dependant on 2.1 and the devs still being focused on 2.1 and RT. Once that changes, we will have more to share regarding it.


Work on Stratum has progressed nicely this month, with many new textures being added. Sadly, with these extra textures comes another bump in the specs required to run the pack. 2K in its entirety now requires somewhere north of 11GB of VRAM to run, and 1K may require more than 8GB. This is unfortunate, but we knew this would happen eventually. It’s sadly the nature of the current versions of Minecraft and textures of these resolutions. Until mods like Nova are ready to be used some sacrifices will have to be made to run packs like this. This means lower the resolution you use, upgrading your hardware, or removing some textures from the pack. If you wish to do the latter, we recommend removing some of the color variants of Wool, Concrete, Concrete Powder and Terracotta. This should yield a significant reduction in the required VRAM/RAM to run the pack.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s get onto what was added this month.


  • Iron Ore

  • Concrete Powder & its variants

  • Terracotta variants

  • Polished Andesite

  • Polished Diorite

  • New Gold


  • Small changes to Planks

  • Normal fix for Concrete Powder

  • Minor Adjustments to Diorite

As usual, here are some screenshots of some of the additions (click to enlarge):


As mentioned earlier in the Continuum RT section, work on the site to facilitate sales of RT is being done…but that work will also enable more streamlined purchases, downloads and updating for all uses, new and old. We are quite excited about it, despite the amount of time and work it is requiring.

Also, V1 of the system requirements page we mentioned would be going live soon in the last blog did indeed go live this month. It should help new and existing users determine what hardware they might need for a given product. Do note, as it says on the page, it may not always be 100% up to date. We update our products quite a bit, and testing all of them so we can update the requirements, especially in the case of Stratum, can take some time. Also, a lot of the numbers given are estimates, as no two configs are exactly the same. Please keep these things in mind when using the page.

Sorry about the slight delay in the posting of this monthly update. Things got a bit hectic internally yesterday so the publication of this one got pushed back a bit. Regardless, thanks for dropping by to read another monthly update, and thank you for your continued support! We hope to see you again next month.