What's been going on...

Hey guys, Seth here... It's been a bit since we have had a proper Continuum update blog, and especially in light of recent events I feel that one is long overdue. 

First thing's first, some answers to a question that is probably on a lot of your minds...

What's going on with Pulchra? 

Long story short, a few months ago, Blockstate, the primary developer of Pulchra, decided to start his own company; Atlas Graphics. The whole team here at Continuum Graphics would like to wish him and his team the best going forward. This does however mean that Pulchra will now be sold exclusively on his site, not ours, and that support will be handled through either his site, or his companies official Discord server. Existing customers will still have access through the Atlas Graphics GitLab. Your Continuum Graphics credentials should work on their GitLab as well, but if they don't, contact Atlas Graphics support via their site or their Discord, and they will help you get logged in. All the links you should need have been included above.

How is Continuum 2.0 doing?

Image credit to karrasko#0548 on Discord

As most of you probably know, we released a Public Preview of Continuum 2.0 back in July; you can read more about that in the accompanying blog hereWe did this because we felt it was close but wanted to knock out as many bugs as you guys could find, and dotModded, the lead developer, wasn't quite happy with the overall polish level. Still, release was only supposed to be a few weeks out at most...but we obviously didn't get there. Between recovering from kidney stones, starting a new job, moving, and some license renewals for the business coming up, dotModded just couldn't get it all done at the quality level he wanted. We could have released it, but he just couldn't okay it's release in its state at the time. We are truly sorry for the delays, but we really do hope they will be worth it in the end. 

Image credit to karrasko#0548 on Discord

With that said, with any luck work on 2.0 will finish in the next week, and then work on 2.1 and some other, yet to be announced projects will begin. You'll want to stay tuned for more info on those in the coming weeks. 

Also, our YouTube channel will be getting some more focus. We currently do livestreams and the occasional tutorial but we will be ramping things up starting in September. So if you want to see the content we plan to post there, please subscribe here, and click the bell to be notified about our latest videos as soon as they drop. Since we are talking about the YouTube channel and new content, if you want to see some eye candy, since this blog is a bit lacking in that, here is a shader cinematic of the Continuum 2.0 Public Preview we uploaded there recently...made by yours truly(shameless plug). Be sure to watch in the highest resolution your internet and computer can handle for the best quality.

Also, Nova is still a thing

Nova is still being developed, and has been making a good deal of progress, which has been in part due to the new team members that have recently joined to help with development. There will be a Nova Blog soon™ that will go into more details about recent developments, new team members, and everything else that has been going on with Nova over the last 3 months, so look out for that. 

Thank you all for your continued support.