New Purchasing Options and Continuum News

The New Purchasing Options

Continuum Early Access and Pulchra Revisited can now be purchased separately at a discounted price!

You can now choose from Continuum or Pulchra packages for $7.50, $15.00, and $30.00. This is for people that only want one or the other, and would like to save a bit of money while getting only what they want. For those of you that still want both, you can still purchase them together at their original prices; $10.00, $25.00, and $50.00.

We have faith that these added options will provide more value and satisfaction to you guys, but these new options are still a bit of a test. If it goes well, they will stay. If not, we will revert back to the old combined Tiers as the only option, but rest assured, anyone that purchases the new options will still continue to receive support and have access to their purchased files if we do revert back to the old system.

Continuum 2.0 is almost here!

We made it folks! We are entering the Release Candidate stage this week. There will be a few more beta updates and probably many more alpha updates before it's all said and done, but Continuum 2.0 is set to release June 1st, 2018!

We know it's a little late, however we think the project needed a little extra time. Thank you all for putting up with our shenanigans. It has been an absolute treat developing this project for you and we are glad it will finally be released to the masses.

Continuum Settings Documentation

Continuum 2.0 has a lot of settings, some of them quite advanced, but we want to make sure everyone can get Continuum to look how they want on their own. So we have built a docs section to our website going over every feature, with pictures for reference. The more advanced settings like LUT's and some of the custom programming in our UserLib will get video explanations along with the written explanation. These videos are not ready yet however Subscribe to us on YouTube, or follow us on Twitter and/or facebook and we will make posts when they're released.


Continuum 2.1 and the future

With Continuum 2.0 launching soon, we are looking towards the future; Continuum 2.1.

Continuum Spir-V/Vulkan addition will be developed in 2.1 in conjunction with the Optifine version. Continuum 2.1 will focus heavily on immersion, performance, configuration, and playability while still being fully PBR and boasting all of the currently available options and more. Continuum 2.1 should mesh into the background and feel natural for every scene with wind simulation* and heavy emphasis on indoor lighting. Random events will happen constantly from lighting strikes arking through the clouds lighting the volume from within. Our goal isn't just to make it look natural, it's also to make it beautiful. All owners of Continuum 2.0 will receive 2.1 following the official public release of the shader.

We hope you are as excited for 2.0's release, and our future plans as we are!