Continuum Graphics November 2018 Progress Update

November is now over. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are all behind us. We all hope you guys had a wonderful Holiday, but now that it’s over, I figured I would sit down and give you guys a update on what we’ve been up to this last month or so. Let’s get into it!

Continuum 2.1, RT, and Legacy

As some of you may already know, Sp614x recently implemented the buffer flip feature we needed to further optimize the new base for 2.1, RT, and Legacy. We got our hands on it a few weeks ago and have already began to implement it. Early results are very promising. Dotmodded is very optimistic about how much more optimized 2.1 will be in the end, versus 2.0. This enthusiasm is being funneled into working on 2.1 at the moment, and it is where most of his time is going. A alpha build of 2.1 should be ready soon™. For now though, here is a very early sneak peak of 2.1 we shared on are social media earlier last month…

Work on RT and Legacy should be ramping up in the coming weeks/months as well, due to the base being ready to be built upon, but getting 2.1 to alpha is the current priority. We will share more about RT and Legacy’s progress in future blogs.

Continuum 2.0.2

We recently released another small update to 2.0. This update, version 2.0.2, includes full support for Minecraft 1.13. With a compatible pack like Stratum, POM, Normals, Specular and PBR should all work in Minecraft 1.13. This version also still supports Minecraft 1.12.2 and older, provided the older versions of Minecraft have a fairly recent build of Optifine available for them.

You can download 2.0.2 for free below.


At the beginning of the month we added another texture developer to our team! Discord community members may already know him as MythicalPigeon, and he has been working on Stratum alongside Hox for a few weeks now. Having two developers should greatly increase the speed at which we can develop the pack.

Speaking of developing the pack, we added a fair amount of textures this month. If you follow us on social media you might have seen some of them already. They include; podzol, podzol side, oak leaf, spruce leaf, spruce log, a new grass side, and sand. Here’s a gallery of some of the new textures for your viewing pleasure…all taken with Continuum 2.0.2, in Minecraft 1.13.

Server Upgrade

Not super interesting, but I figured I’d share anyway. We were running low on ram on our main server, and had it upgraded earlier this month. We have double the ram now, and are fully prepared for many more future users and a few other exciting possibilities…

Gitlab has been giving us some fits since though, as some of you may know. We are still working on finding and fixing the last of those issues. Bear with us please.

Last, but not least, Nova

If you don’t already know, Dethraid, and by extension, Nova, are leaving Continuum Graphics. He wrote his last Nova blog with us last week, it detailed this months progress, as well as why he is leaving, you can read it here. If you don’t have the time to read it, or just want to know why he and Nova are leaving, the gist of it is this; between his new job, doing his job here at Continuum Graphics, which was managing our Server, Automation, and Gitlab, and working on Nova, he just wasn’t able to put as much time into Nova as he wanted. So something had to give.

What does this mean for Nova? Well, as Dethraid explained in his blog, not much. Nova’s main goals and features are NOT changing, and he will still be working on it, more than before in fact (that is the whole point of the split). Continuum Graphics customers will still be able to use Nova when it becomes available and Dethraid will still be hanging around in our Discord server, as well as his own Nova server.

We are all still good friends and we wish Dethraid the best of luck in continuing to develop Nova.

So there it is…we had a busy month, mostly behind the scenes, but busy nonetheless. We will be back next month with another progress update. Until then, thank you for your continued support, and goodbye!