Continuum Graphics October 2018 Progress Update

Well, it’s October, and that means it’s time for a update blog. So let’s have a chat about what we’ve been up too, shall we?

Continuum 2.1, RT, and Legacy

We have good news, and we have not as good news. I’ll start with the good.

One of our main goals with 2.1 is optimization. When rewriting the base shader code, we managed to get back around 20% more performance, and while that is good, we are aiming for about 100%. Problem is, we couldn’t figure out what was bogging the shader down. Even with all effects removed, it was still running slower than shaders like Ebin.

This is what was holding up any release of even Alpha Builds of 2.1. We didn’t want to push out a update that we weren’t happy with, and we didn’t want to have to go back and redo half the shader again either, especially when the issue was right in front of us, just teasing us. So we continued working. About a week ago we finally figured it out, which while being a great relief, brings me right from the good news, into the not as good news.

Basically, the problem is this: we need the ability to fit more data into a single buffer, but Optifine does not currently allow us to change settings related to that. We have opened the appropriate issues on the Optifine Github and contacted him about this, and are currently just waiting for a response. Hopefully that will happen soon, as the shader base for 2.1 is also the base for Continuum RT and Legacy, and without it, in its fully optimized state, we cannot continue work on those projects. We will share updates on this issue in our Official Discord server and future blogs as the situation progresses.

Continuum 2.0.1

The shader team has not been completely idle while waiting for Optifine’s response, as I am sure some of the Alpha level donators will already know. We have created a incremental update to 2.0 to address some issues that made it past us into 2.0.

Fixes included in Continuum 2.0.1 are as follows:

  • Leaves on trees in distance fading nearly completely out resolved due to TAA applying to them improperly (see screenshots below for a visual comparison of 2.0 and 2.0.1’s leaf TAA)

  • ‘Leave TAA’ toggle removed completely as it is now unnecessary

  • POM issue that was causing lines on the seams of textures fixed

This update is now available to all, and you can download it right now!


Work on Stratum has been progressing steadily, with a lot of textures behind the scenes being worked on, and a few making it into the Early Access testers hands already.

Most notably we have a new cobblestone texture, and a new texture for the ends of the oak wood. These are not 100% final however. The cobble may have it’s overall scale tweaked, and the oak wood still needs some polish around the edges of the ends.

Here are a few screenshots of the latest textures, taken in game with Continuum 2.0.1.

Click any image to enlarge and open in gallery view


Work on Nova has been progressing, albeit at a slower pace than normal. This is because the main developer, Dethraid, has been on Vacation for the last 3 or so weeks. He will be back soon though, and he has a rather large update blog prepared for the last few months of Nova development. We will try to get that out within the next week so we can get you guys up to speed on Nova as well.

That about wraps it up for this monthly update…as usual, thank you for your continued support! We couldn’t do this without you.

PS: there may be a little contest and giveaway on the Discord server soon™…be sure to join if you want to be notified about it. You can join here.