December Blog 2.0; An apology, a giveaway and updates on all the things

General updates on the Blog

Hey guys, Seth here (You might know me as Soulshot96 from the Discord server). I'll be writing this month's blog in James's place, as he has some personal stuff to take care of. 

So, to start, I'd like to apologize for our last blog being late (multiple times), and then having to be taken down so soon after being published because of errors. Hopefully moving forward, we can get them up more regularly, and with fewer errors!

The New Twitter

We have also launched a Continuum Twitter account, to go alongside our Facebook, Instagram, and Discord (feel free to follow us on all of those as well, if you'd like). So to celebrate, and get into the Holiday spirit, we are running a giveaway all month long. You can enter here: 

Even if you already have a package, you can follow the Twitter for general updates about Continuum and our other projects.

Anyway, on to the Blog. It has been almost two months since our last blog, so I'm sure you're wondering; what have we been up to? 


Work on Continuum has been slowly pressing onward, with PBR Wave Generation implemented, as well as Volumetric Caustics. They are both in fairly early stages but the work on Volumetric Caustics should be finished in about two weeks time. If there are no surprises of course. We do not currently have an ETA for the wave generation, but soon™.

Here are a few teasers for both of these new effects (both of which are now available to test for users with access to the alpha);

First pass of PBR Wave Generation for Continuum 2.0

Continuum 2.0's new Volumetric Caustic tech in its first iterations...

Another addition to Continuum is the new Tone Mapper. It allows basic image adjustments of saturation, contrast, contrast midpoint, gain and lift, as well as color tint options for gain and lift. You can adjust the main settings via the shader settings. That can be found under Camera > Camera Effects > Post Processing.

Basic Tone Mapping options in shader settings > Camera > Camera Effects > Post Processing

Advanced users can also adjust the Tint of gain and lift via the final.fsh(lines 261 and 262; edit the RGB values after vec3). Users with Alpha access can start playing with these new options right now, and more might be added in the future.

Configurable Tone Mapping and Tint options in final.fsh (recommended only for advanced users)

Joey (DotModded) is also researching new methods for rendering clouds and water, as well as taking a week to clean up Continuum 2.0's code, as it has apparently gotten a bit disorganized. 

Continuum 2.0 is still on track for a Q1 2018 release. With a new Beta release soon™.


Josh (Blockstate), recently released a fairly large update that he has been working on for quite some time. Update notes are as follows: 

  • New custom models module -Added 10 custom models
  • New moon module -Added moon
  • New misc module -Added 2 textures
  • New Loading Screen Small and Large module -Added loading screen
  • New GUI module -Added background texture -Added background panorama
  • New Sounds module -Added menu3.ogg
  • Updated optifine textures module -Replaced 12 old textures -Added 38 textures
  • Updated block textures module -Replaced 115 old textures -Added 64 new textures
  • Updated font module -Replaced old font with a new and much better font
  • Updated better foliage module -Added 57 new textures -Replaced all old textures

Modules that add support for Continuum 2.0 are still being worked on but all other modules are uploaded on the google drive. ETA should be sometime this week for 2.0 support.

Here are a bunch of screenshots of the new textures for your veiwing pleasure. 


Dethraid has made some decent progress on translating Nova to Vulkan. Though progress has been slow, because in Vulkan you have to do a lot of things manually, versus things being done automatically in OpenGL. 

His current, and shorter term goal is to get the translated Vulkan version of Nova to the same level of the OpenGL version when the screenshot above was taken. He is about one-third of the way there. 

It can now load textures/shaders and uses the same format for shaders that the Bedrock Engine uses. If you don't know the Bedrock Engine is, it is the new unified engine for every version of Minecraft except the Java version. So, everything from the Pocket Edition to the Xbox One X version. This means that Nova will be able to load shaders and textures from those versions of Minecraft. Which may not be useful at the moment, but should be when Bedrock becomes more established and more shaders and textures are purpose-built for it. 

Be sure to follow Dethraids Nova Twitter (above), or check the update channel on the Nova Discord to keep up to date with Nova. 

In closing...

We are going to try to cut down the delays on Blogs as much as possible going forward, and release them more consistently. There should now be a new one about once a month.

Before I close this out, I'd like to remind you guys to not forget to enter the giveaway, and more importantly, at least if you're from the US, don't forget about the fight for Net Neutrality. I can't stress it's importance enough. We can't give up on this. I'm going to link a few sites below that will help you contact your representatives about this. Please take a minute and do so if you're able. 

Thanks for reading, and supporting us. See you in the next Blog.